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System Connection & Security Kit


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θερμομικτικη βαλβιδα
Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Protects against burns, while increasing the volume of usable domestic hot water (DHW) by reducing unnecessary losses due to high-temperature output in the system.

Temperature & Pressure Valve

Specially designed Temperature/Pressure valve for protection against overheating and increased pressure in the open circuit.
βαλβιδα πιεσης ανοιχτου κυκλωματος

Open-circuit pressure valve

Protects the storage tank from the water mains pressure.
βαλβιδα πιεσης κλειστου κυκλωματος

Closed-circuit pressure valve

1.5 bar valve for the prevention of pressure due to thermal expansion of the closed circuit liquid.

Closed circuit expansion tank

Specially designed expansion tank for closed circuits of solar thermal systems. Protects your system from pressure and loss of thermal fluid in the closed circuit
ανοδιο μαγνησιου

Magnesium Anode

Offers anodic protection to your Solar Water Heater by protecting it from the corrosion caused by water ions. Available in 2 versions:

Connection packages

Integrated solutions for your Solar Water Heater connection package. The versions were designed based on their quality and ability to cover every Solar Water Heater System you might select. The options were designed based on quality and ability to cover every Solar Water Heater System you choose.

Solar Collector Cover

Fully waterproof and highly durable. Reflects solar radiation, thus pausing the operation of the solar collector. It is installed easily and quickly, while it can be stored in its packaging so that it can be always handy.

Thermal Systems Safety and Connection Equipment

Full range of safety items for solar thermal systems and central heating tanks.
Certified products designed to increase the durability and continuous performance of your thermal systems
Connection packages for solar thermal systems of any type
Option to select connection pipes
The quantity of solar thermal fluid can be adjusted depending on local climate


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